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Experiments of exercise of a foodie

As they say, a healthy heart resides in a healthy body. Now-a-days the changing trends, life styles and eating habits have changed the physic of the population up to larger extent.


I am a health freak. Yes I am, but at the same time I am a foodie too. little-luigi-s-pizzaAnd most of the times, this foodie component of my self dominates. I just can’t resist the sight and smell of the spicy, tasty food. This is definitely going to get reflected on my body.  So these habits of mine made me heavy. But due to god’s grace, my tall height compensates a bit.

Almost every day, the health freak inside wakes up. I always keep on thinking of exercise, work outs, being on diet etc. But it is the time when those two angels in me start discussing the issue for me. The famous good and evil spirits of yourself.

The good and honest one, keeps on counting the positive points & benangel-1939761_960_720efits of being regular in exercise. He describes the bad of being overweight and fat. He always motivates me to get up and go ahead.

At the same time, he is countered by the devil being. This fellow describes angel-1939761_960_720the tasty food, rest, leisure, enjoyments, sleep etc. He always favors the postponement of exercise. He points to the comfortable bed waiting for me.

Ultimately, the devilish side almost always wins and I post pone the schedule.

The concept of becoming a healthy individual consists of two portions. The first is the diet schedule and the other is regular exercise.

The diet maintenance is the important of the two. If the calorie input is much more than your expenditure, you are never going to lose weight. So in order to decrease weight, the first thing you want to do is to check the inputs. Almost every day in the morning, I am keen on reducing the diet. The menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is set in my mind, but it remains so until I am at the food table. The planning, the menus, the dieting everything literally vanish out of the mind.

After cof964649a9602614a4aafe8390e86a1cbmpleting the food, again the feeling of guilt sets in. I look forward to next dining session but on reaching the time, the inevitable happens again. Once I eat full, without any restrictions of putting on weight, the deep feeling of guilt sets in again.

Actually this condition is unique in itself. At one side, I am having the pleasure of eternity of satiating my ever eager tongue. I am having the feeling of nirvana filling my tummy.  At the same time this feeling of guilt is also there. Exactly opposite of the other one.

Then starts the rationalism. Various negotiating dialogues start coming in my head. Different resolutions start banging one by one.

“The food was too delicious to ignore today, it’s not your fault.”

“Come on, you will not do this every day, don’t feel too much of the guilt.”

“I will be particular about this now onwards.”


As a part of the guilt defending mechanism, I start yelling on my mother or wife for cooking my share of food. Blaming them – in a way – for my temptation for food.

The other aspect – the exercise. Tougher it is. When I decide to start exercising on a regular basis, the first thing that cross my mind is the timing of it. EXERCISE IN THE MORNING OR IN THE EVENING.

Taking this decision would eat up somewhat around a couple of days. I know deep down in my mind that I don’t like exercising in evening but still I waste time on deciding the timing of exercise in order to postpone it.

After this starts the exercise of getting up early for exercise. I generally prefer to go for walk/jo472291663g at 7 am. For that I would set up the alarm for 6 am. The time between 6 to 7 am is also segregated. It includes time for that extra nap after the first bell rings, time for freshening up, time for dressing up etc. In all these, if I find that the time is 10 past 7, then I would lose my all interest for exercise for being non punctual. I make up my mind for next morning.

In the busy schedule of the day, it is only the night time when I get some time for refreshment. It is now when I watch movies, series or anything like that. I sometimes read some books too during this time. All such activities would push the clock up to 12 or more. These activities are so captivating that I simply can’t resist them. Actually nobody can.

Such things won’t let me get up early next morning. This happens for many days. Finally at a perfect morning, I meet my all punctuality criteria and manage to go for the walk. The whole day that day passes fine. There is a fine feeling of victory in mind. Feeling of achievement is also there, but again next morning is sleep only. All rationalism sets in again.

Actually this is not the ideal way for weight management. Management of health and body weight must be strict. It should be followed without bending the schedule much. Whatever I am sharing is my personal experiences and feeling. Many times it gets depressing for myself not proving up to the marks of punctuality but this is the way of life. This is how it goes. This makes me chase something. I get to cheer for something. Actually I feel this may be the story of many. Many times I felt of sharing my these experiences with health management with everyone, but couldn’t find better platform than this. If you at all feel connected or agreed, you can put your comments below.


1 thought on “Experiments of exercise of a foodie”

  1. Yes sir I have also this type of problem….first few months passes for thinking of diet and exercise and than I get started also ….I lost almost 10 kg in 2 months…..but as the reading time and diwali vacation start and I go to home and all schedule just changed….and get 4-5 kg increase in just 22-24 days………and after that. I can’t get started again…..and almost put on weight again….
    The clothes which were loosens are getting tight again………😢😢


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