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Being Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian.

This is a strong topic in itself. Particularly in the region of my country I come from, this is a very crucial choice to be made. Here in my state, majority of the people are vegetarian, and being non vegetarian is kind of a taboo here. Many times I think over this point while sitting alone.

As far as my knowledge of history goes, India was not at all this strong non vegetarian followers’ country. In ancient times, majority of the Indians were non vegetarians. They used to eat many cuisines (of course not beef). Then came the era of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir. They both spread the message of “amhinsa” (non-violence) to the whole of the country. That brought down the aggression and violent instinct in the population in the majorit

y of the region of India. Many adopted Buddhism and Jainism as religion and converted themselves in to strict vegetarian.

This was the religious point of view. Speaking scientifically, the whole concept of being, vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan,


won’t stand at all. Strictly speaking, a living being has to eat in order to survive. As the instinct of nature goes, a living being would eat anything it could digest in order to survive. In this logic, the concept of sin, harm or injustice doesn’t even stand.

We need to eat in order to suffice the need of nutrient material for survival. Many of them is obtained from the plantations. But there are certain elements which are obtainable from foods of animal origin only (Vit. B12). Strict vegan people, following the concept for long, would definitely lack it and suffer from the ailments arising from its deficiency. What I believe is, nothing is wrong for eating as far as you like the taste. It’s nothing wrong or sinful in it. All one should


care about is the hygiene and quality of the food.

While discussing this with my friends or colleagues, I often face the arguments like, eating other animals (meat) is sinful, it is killing the other living being for our expediency. This is all bullshit. These arguments are so self-centric and modified in a way to justify our incompetency. When someone is talking about harming the other living being, aren’t plants and trees living?


Plantations do grow, they do reproduce. They have sensations. Plant of touch-me-not is a great example of it. The only fault of them is that they are immobile and it is one of the major reason people consider them almost nonliving. Plants are as alive as we are. They respirate, they grow from a tiny sprout to a huge tree, they have a well establish vascular system, they acquire nutrition from earth, they reproduce. Eating them has to be as sinful as eating other living being, if we are talking about harming the living.

If we don’t go deeper in to religion and remain stick to the Mother Nature and rules by which the nature is governed, this conflict would vanish in a flash. Homo sapiens have become civilized and cultured and these all problems arose. Some things are edible and some are non-edible. This brought about the imbalance in the nature. One should follow the basic rule of the nature. YOU NEED TO EAT WHATEVER IS SUITABLE AND DIGESTIBLE BY YOU BODY.

These rules of sin, harm, heaven, hell don’t apply to other carnivores. Aren’t they the equal part of this Mother Nature as we humans are? If it doesn’t apply to them, it won’t apply to us also.

Basically, all one should do is to get above these tiny thought and believes and rise up as good human. Do care about doing good, to others, society and earth. Don’t waste intellect over this useless topic and eat whatever you like. Eat good, eat health and focus on betterment of life.


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